Friday, March 4, 2011

The Pre-Crisis Superman/AKA the FiveLoko

I seriously have the best friends. So I throw a party and my best friend walks up to me with this and says I support you and I made you a drink. A Pre-Caffeine ban FourLoko with a 5 hour energy duct taped to it. Pre-Crisis Superman is amazing and if you can find a Pre-Caffeine ban FourLoko make yourself one.

1-Pre-Caffeine Ban FourLoko
1-5 Hour Energy Shot


  1. Sounds like instant heart failure...

  2. after this you'll jump around like a frog on speed :D

  3. dear God..., there is nuts and then there is suicide

  4. Combine some cheap-ass energy drink and some good absinthe - ta-daa, same effect on the body.
    Caffeine + Ethanol = Perfection